A real update!

School has been crazy! But I think that by the end of portfolio I will be satisfied that I made it through. I am pretty syked about the projects I am working for this group. It involves a few of my favorite things, the novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and toys! (not for the same project though…)

So for the American Gods project, and in honor of the 10 year anniversary in June, I am creating a fictional “Anniversary Art Collection” It’s basically a hypothetical collectors edition of the book, along with 4 artist prints, a tote-bag design, and a coffee mug design. All of them tied together and would be sold to then benefit Doctors without Borders. What i did was focused on a excerpt from American Gods and created prints based off the passage…and I felt like the artwork leaned itself well for the Doctors without Borders mission. All the art is monotype prints from a printmaking project I did.

Here is a preview of the book cover design and the tote-bag/ coffee mug design.

(text on the tote bag reads, “…and there if we feel for them, are they now more important to us than a 1,000 other children affected by the same famine…”)

The other project I am working on features creating some weird stuffed animals.
They are meant to be sold for the leukemia foundation, and have cute/creepy/weird feeling to them, to perhaps mimic how people with leukemia might feel? That and I like cute/creepy art toys.

They aren’t quite done, but heres a silly picture of my desk as I create the monsters.


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