Review Week!

Review week is week nine of the semester. It’s when we needed to have 9 out of 12 projects for our portfolio done, then turn it into a presentation, to be reviewed and judged whether they think we are ready to attend the AIGA review in April. No pressure or anything.

I think I did pretty well with my presentation, and I am 90% sure I passed. I will update once I know for sure.

Anyway heres some pictures of my first nine projects!

Rune Magazines:

(they are eclectic music magazines not targeted towards a specific genre but rather focusing on the poetry behind music)

World Vision Paper Doll Ads:

(It’s a series of paper dolls featuring 6 different children and 3 different ethnicities to show that world vision is an internationally based organization.)

Library Ad Campaigns:

(the campaign focuses on what you could be saving if you used the library instead)

Typeface Design! : (it’s called Jigjin which is the korean word for straight)

Goodwill Campaign
(which I will be changing….)

..should I change to illustrations of doors?
I still want to keep the metaphor going… but the image is to corny?

Book Cover Design Mockups:
(I posted this project previously but here’s a shot of some of the mock-ups.)

Typography Museum Show:
(A museum show that features twenty four experimental typefaces)

Lopsy Luvabls : toys to benefit the leukemia foundation

(these are toy designs that I made, along with the packaging.)

American Gods Art Collection:

(It’s a promotional art collection for the anniversary of the American Gods novel, and when sold all the benefits will go to Doctors without Borders)
book cover design

(art Print set)

(art products- mug and tote)

So that was my first 9 projects, some  of them will be changed or tweaked before my final portfolio, but I’m pretty happy with them ^_^.

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