Personal Update Of Sorts

I have been out of college for about 4 months now, and managed to get my first full time job doing something related to that major that I spend so much money for. Good News? I think so. I am finding that I am working more quickly with the programs now being at this job for almost 3 months. Which is nice. I am working at a local newspaper doing Ad Design and living at home for the time being. I also like the fact that my bg on my computer can be what I like at work. It’s relaxing to be able to modify your own space.

(eeee. T.O.P <3.)

Also I have been taking a few freelance gigs here and there. I am designing a logo for a new company in the making, as well as re-designing a health food ecommerce involved site for another company, we’ll see how it all goes. I am really liking that I am not just idly sitting around waiting for a job like I was afraid would happen to me. I don’t mind working my way slowly into this business. Haha Me and Patience don’t usually mix…But this may be an exception.

I am currently working out obtaining a desk and starting up personal projects again, like toys and water-colored things. I also plan to start a web-comic, but I want to hone my illustration skills more before I make it viewable by the internet public. Anyway, I hope things keep progressing from here. <3. -Sam


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