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Photos from the Fair

I went to the local fair a while ago and took some candid shot. I really like the way the colors were that day. Here are a few that I took…




New things to come soon!

I will be venturing into my own business soon with my business partner Amanda of the Mae. 

Also I am going to China for a month, and hope to take some neat pictures!

– ❤ Sam. –



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Website Re-Design

Besides working at the newspaper, I have been taking on a few freelance projects here and there. The one I have been laboring over for the past 6 weeks if Feger’s Health Foods. It was crazy. It was mostly trying to get their way of running their site more up to date and accessible by changing the coding from a HTML process to a CSS/PHP WordPress CP process. By using WordPress as a control panel it allows for an easy editing and updating process that it easily manageable by the owner, rather than them needing a designer forever. Which is what every designer does when they start a job, they predict when they won’t be there any longer. Not only that, but they needed a complete design overhaul. I then came up with something cleaning, fresher and more alive than what they had before. They are a Health Supplement Store after all. For the e-commerce aspect of the store, we decided on a plug-in called Ecwid. Which is amazing, and hosted all your products on their servers. They also plug-in to almost all control panel programs! Exciting stuff. Anyway here are some Before & After Shots!


see. no design whatsoever.

AFTER – Now!

Check it out!

This was my first bigger web design project, and it was a major experience!

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Personal Update Of Sorts

I have been out of college for about 4 months now, and managed to get my first full time job doing something related to that major that I spend so much money for. Good News? I think so. I am finding that I am working more quickly with the programs now being at this job for almost 3 months. Which is nice. I am working at a local newspaper doing Ad Design and living at home for the time being. I also like the fact that my bg on my computer can be what I like at work. It’s relaxing to be able to modify your own space.

(eeee. T.O.P <3.)

Also I have been taking a few freelance gigs here and there. I am designing a logo for a new company in the making, as well as re-designing a health food ecommerce involved site for another company, we’ll see how it all goes. I am really liking that I am not just idly sitting around waiting for a job like I was afraid would happen to me. I don’t mind working my way slowly into this business. Haha Me and Patience don’t usually mix…But this may be an exception.

I am currently working out obtaining a desk and starting up personal projects again, like toys and water-colored things. I also plan to start a web-comic, but I want to hone my illustration skills more before I make it viewable by the internet public. Anyway, I hope things keep progressing from here. <3. -Sam

update- commission

So, in the last post I mentioned the commission I was working on, well it was approved after some modifications I made and changes in color.

Here’s the newer version ^.^:

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freelance – WIP

So this is a commission piece that I am working on for a mammography office. They asked for an abstracted artwork that had a silhouette of a woman in it. This is what I have so far, still needs some work though.

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10 min. challenge #2

…because I can’t sleep.

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10 minute exercise!

So I went to an AIGA lecture featuring Mig Reyes, and he did these projects where he gave himself 15 minutes to make something, anything. I feel like since I am graduating, and I am no longer being FORCED to make work, I need to keep challenging myself to keep DOING things. How else am I going to get better?

I decided to follow this idea and challenge myself to design anything in 10 minutes one in awhile after I graduate.

here’s the first one:

I got my student portfolio reviewed today and this was kind of how I was feeling after my last 2 reviews because I was slightly distressed over the fact that they didn’t consider toy design to be graphic design? Which I didn’t understand. I think anything can be design, if you design it… like how I designed (the way they look and their patterns) and produced my stuffed animals. I mean don’t we all get tired of the same old ad/branding projects? I was just trying something new, a side project…. I mean the first three reviewers liked the idea and gave me constructive criticism. *Not that these other two reviewers didn’t! I don’t mean that at all! It was all very helpful and good to hear, and get a fresh persepctive. The main thing I didn’t understand was them saying that it didn’t really belong in my book, because it’s not straight up GRAPHIC design? Just confused me a little. As the image says, I believe that design is anything AND everything. Just wanted to say my thoughts. The event was a great experience and totally worth it!

off to do more things that aren’t “graphic” design. weee.

(btw the image is totally meant to be playful and not offensive in any way)

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