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update- commission

So, in the last post I mentioned the commission I was working on, well it was approved after some modifications I made and changes in color.

Here’s the newer version ^.^:

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freelance – WIP

So this is a commission piece that I am working on for a mammography office. They asked for an abstracted artwork that had a silhouette of a woman in it. This is what I have so far, still needs some work though.

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Review Week!

Review week is week nine of the semester. It’s when we needed to have 9 out of 12 projects for our portfolio done, then turn it into a presentation, to be reviewed and judged whether they think we are ready to attend the AIGA review in April. No pressure or anything.

I think I did pretty well with my presentation, and I am 90% sure I passed. I will update once I know for sure.

Anyway heres some pictures of my first nine projects!

Rune Magazines:

(they are eclectic music magazines not targeted towards a specific genre but rather focusing on the poetry behind music)

World Vision Paper Doll Ads:

(It’s a series of paper dolls featuring 6 different children and 3 different ethnicities to show that world vision is an internationally based organization.)

Library Ad Campaigns:

(the campaign focuses on what you could be saving if you used the library instead)

Typeface Design! : (it’s called Jigjin which is the korean word for straight)

Goodwill Campaign
(which I will be changing….)

..should I change to illustrations of doors?
I still want to keep the metaphor going… but the image is to corny?

Book Cover Design Mockups:
(I posted this project previously but here’s a shot of some of the mock-ups.)

Typography Museum Show:
(A museum show that features twenty four experimental typefaces)

Lopsy Luvabls : toys to benefit the leukemia foundation

(these are toy designs that I made, along with the packaging.)

American Gods Art Collection:

(It’s a promotional art collection for the anniversary of the American Gods novel, and when sold all the benefits will go to Doctors without Borders)
book cover design

(art Print set)

(art products- mug and tote)

So that was my first 9 projects, some  of them will be changed or tweaked before my final portfolio, but I’m pretty happy with them ^_^.

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A real update!

School has been crazy! But I think that by the end of portfolio I will be satisfied that I made it through. I am pretty syked about the projects I am working for this group. It involves a few of my favorite things, the novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, and toys! (not for the same project though…)

So for the American Gods project, and in honor of the 10 year anniversary in June, I am creating a fictional “Anniversary Art Collection” It’s basically a hypothetical collectors edition of the book, along with 4 artist prints, a tote-bag design, and a coffee mug design. All of them tied together and would be sold to then benefit Doctors without Borders. What i did was focused on a excerpt from American Gods and created prints based off the passage…and I felt like the artwork leaned itself well for the Doctors without Borders mission. All the art is monotype prints from a printmaking project I did.

Here is a preview of the book cover design and the tote-bag/ coffee mug design.

(text on the tote bag reads, “…and there if we feel for them, are they now more important to us than a 1,000 other children affected by the same famine…”)

The other project I am working on features creating some weird stuffed animals.
They are meant to be sold for the leukemia foundation, and have cute/creepy/weird feeling to them, to perhaps mimic how people with leukemia might feel? That and I like cute/creepy art toys.

They aren’t quite done, but heres a silly picture of my desk as I create the monsters.


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Edited Logo and more WIPs

so I slighlty tweaked my brand identity. Made the lines thicker, changed that font, that kind of thing. I like it much better now. ^-^

okay, now back to finishing group 1

made the kid happier, but kept the paper doll theme/handdrawn theme.

updated version of magazine cover. I like it much better now.

I am still having trouble deciding a direction to go in for my typography exhibit poster,
but I guess we’ll have to see what happens. It is due tomorrow. Oh joy.

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Group 1: WIP

So every two weeks we have to be working on 3 projects for our portolios, my first three are a World Vision Ad Campaign, a Typography Show, and 2 editions of a Magazine that I created.

Here are some pictures of the three projects that I am working on.

(2pg spread with a paper dolls concept)

(11 by 17 poster)

(1st edition cover, featuring Scroobius Pip vs. Dan le Sac)

back to work! ^_^

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Describe your profile as a human being/designer in 500 words.

The main thing to understand about my personality is that I am almost always bored if I am not constantly doing something. Now I don’t necessarily think that is a bad aspect of my personality, actually I think it will aid me in being a designer. How can someone be a good designer if they get comfortable with the way they do things? How will they ever grow or be trendsetters? I keep searching for something to hold my interest, and when I do find it, it will makes my designs better and takes them to a level I wasn’t anticipating when I first started working on them. It also helps in the fact that I am ever-changing my style, and staying the same for too long is not an option for me. Trying new things is exciting and I truly enjoy learning new processes. I am always looking to move forward, whether it is with design or with my life in general. I hate to stay still.

I have an insatiable urge to travel and learn new cultures and ways of thinking. I would ultimately like to incorporate this need into my career somehow. I also feel like this will also always keep me growing as a designer because I will meet new people and gain new perspectives. Another trait that I possess as a human being is that I am persistent. No matter how painful the process or project may be, I will continue to try my best to complete it. Although, I am rational enough to realize if the direction I am going in is a dead end. I tend to think about things on a realistic level, but I also need to feed my childish side at times in order to keep my curiosity going.

Curiosity is a second nature to me when it comes to art. I am fascinated by what other people are doing, and how they even came to want to do it, it makes me question myself and challenge myself to come up with new ideas and find new answers. I am a very experimental person and I enjoy experimenting with different styles when it comes to design and art. I like to try different styles, ideas, and methods to see if it peaks my creativity and is something that I would want to pursue. I really do have an undying need to try out new interesting methods. I think this aspect of my personality makes me more of a flexible designer that is open to new ideas. For me, failure is not an option, and it will never be the final note for anything I do. Success and determination are what make up my life. I will always learn from my mistakes and try to keep them in mind when doing new projects or when taking on new goals in life. Everything that I encounter in life is a learning experience, and I will continue to keep that mindset for the rest of my life.

This is my personal logo design.

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