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Website Re-Design

Besides working at the newspaper, I have been taking on a few freelance projects here and there. The one I have been laboring over for the past 6 weeks if Feger’s Health Foods. It was crazy. It was mostly trying to get their way of running their site more up to date and accessible by changing the coding from a HTML process to a CSS/PHP WordPress CP process. By using WordPress as a control panel it allows for an easy editing and updating process that it easily manageable by the owner, rather than them needing a designer forever. Which is what every designer does when they start a job, they predict when they won’t be there any longer. Not only that, but they needed a complete design overhaul. I then came up with something cleaning, fresher and more alive than what they had before. They are a Health Supplement Store after all. For the e-commerce aspect of the store, we decided on a plug-in called Ecwid. Which is amazing, and hosted all your products on their servers. They also plug-in to almost all control panel programs! Exciting stuff. Anyway here are some Before & After Shots!


see. no design whatsoever.

AFTER – Now!

Check it out!

This was my first bigger web design project, and it was a major experience!

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